Interior Design Atelier

Sylwias Dymek Interior Atelier has its origins in 2009 in Wroclaw. Since then more than 80 projects were accomplished. Company goals are focused on creating architectural and interior designs - from the conceptual drafts to its realization (implementation). Granted by detail oriented Design Documentation and by reliable contractors, the investor is gently conducted through the entire investment process. Each project is executed with attention to detail, focusing on functionality, ergonomics and good, timeless design.

About Sylwia Dymek

She graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning with specialization in protection of historical monuments. Diploma defended in 2007, the same year was also a graduate of the Silesian University of Technology - completed postgraduate studies: Study of interior architecture and design. Passionate about design and architecture. In June 2010 she was inscribed into the register of architects with building permissions and design without restrictions.